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No, we do not have a physical showroom as we are an online store only.

No, we cannot offer custom mirrors or customize any of our mirror range.

No, we do not offer any buy now and pay later options.

No, we do not offer mirror repair services. If you have purchased a mirror from us and it is damaged upon receipt, please refer to our Returns Policy.

No, you must provide a physical address where you are able to take receipt of the item.

Majority of our mirror frames are constructed from a Polyurethane (PU) material which is generally more lightweight than other materials such as timber or metal. Our mirrors are surprisingly easy to manoeuvre due to their lighter frames, however we do have mirrors that can weigh up to 20kg so we strongly suggest that you check the weight of the mirror prior to moving or lifting it. For personal safety and to avoid injury, we always recommend a 2 person lift for our heavier and larger sized mirrors.

  • Use a cloth dampened with water to wipe the mirror surface, then use another dry cloth to wipe clean
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to lightly dust the frame when required
  • Avoid the use of chemicals or household cleaning products on the mirror and frame
  • Do not allow liquids to come into contact with frame
Any damage sustained to the mirror from improper cleaning methods will not be covered under our Returns Policy

All our mirrors are fitted with D-Ring hardware for both portrait or landscape hanging. Wall screws are not provided as the type of wall screw used can vary depending on your wall type.

To avoid injury and to ensure the mirror is secured properly to your wall, we recommend that you contact a tradesperson to carry out the installation. We do not offer installation services.

Any damage sustained to a mirror due to improper installation will not be covered under our Returns Policy